Can I buy life insurance on my dog?

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Important things to know...
  • Life insurance for dogs is not the same as life insurance for humans
  • Typically, life insurance benefits for a dog’s life is only available as an add-on to dog health insurance coverage
  • Dog life insurance is usually offered by the same companies that would provide dog health insurance plans

Dog life insurance is not the same as life insurance that a human would carry. Human life insurance is typically purchased to replace the primary earners income in case of early death.

Most dogs do not earn an income, so the insurance would be almost like property insurance. You would be insuring the replacement value of your dog.

If you have a rare, pure breed dog that you are using for breeding, the dog has a value, so it covers if it dies. You could buy insurance based on the value of the dog.

Some insurers will pay an amount based on the value of the dog at the time of its death. Others may set the payout at the value of the dog when you bought it.

Some people that have expensive show-dogs, will insure them in case they die at a young age. Again, the distinction between calling this dog life insurance and a form of property insurance is hazy.

Some people purchase life insurance on their dog to cover final expenses and cremation or burial expenses. This is similar to a burial policy for a human.

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Age Restrictions


Pet insurance companies will set an age limit beyond which they will not insure a dog for health insurance or life insurance.

It is a good idea to determine whether you are going to pick up dog insurance early on in your dog’s life. It will be less expensive on a yearly basis and your dog is more likely to get the coverage.

Breed and Other Considerations

When deciding whether to offer you pet health and life insurance coverage, the insurer will take into consideration the breed of dog, age, and any genetic abnormalities. Many dogs are genetically

Many dogs are genetically pre-dispositioned for specific conditions that may lead to early death. It is a good idea to question the insurance carrier on what exactly will be considered as a covered event.

Things That an Insurance Company May Cover


The carrier may cover euthanasia, vet expenses leading up to the dog’s death, cremation or burial expenses. The insurance company is very unlikely to pay the costs of a dog who died of old age.

Most will not pay if they have a hereditary condition that they died from. They will most likely cover death from an accident or a sudden terminal illness.

They will pay the dollar value of the animal so the owner can replace it. Some plans even cover costs of therapy for you and your family to get over the death.

When searching for a comprehensive pet insurance plan, be sure to determine that the events or illnesses that typically cause a dog’s death are covered in the plan.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Dog Life Insurance


If you are on a fixed income and the death of your pet would be a difficult expense for you, buying a life insurance policy for cremation or burial expenses, might be a good idea.

Having the money to pay for veterinarian expenses for an illness that leads to death or for care in the event of an accident that leads to death, is important.

If you don’t feel that you will have the money to pay these expenses when the time comes, having life insurance will help.

As mentioned earlier, these life insurance benefits are normally a part of a regular dog health plan, so keep this in mind.

Paying the premium each year might be easier than paying for these expenses out-of-pocket when they occur.. Dog life insurance plans sometimes cover the costs of bereavement counseling for family members.

This can be very helpful. In conclusion, you know that buying life insurance on your dog is possible, through a company that offers pet health insurance plans.

You will most likely have to purchase a health insurance plan to have access to the life insurance coverage. The cost of the plan will depend on the age of your dog at the time you apply for coverage.

Most companies will not write policies on dogs over eight to 10 years of age.

Remember that there are limitations on what a life insurance plan will cover. It will cover accidental death and death from a sudden onset of illness. It will not cover hereditary conditions or death from old age.

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