West Coast Life Insurance Review

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West Coast Life Insurance Review

The West Coast Life Insurance Company likes to boast that they have over 200 years of experience in the life insurance industry. How can they make this claim? Well, simply put, West Coast Life was founded in 1906, but was bought out in 1997 by Protective Life Insurance Company, which was founded in 1907; and there you have it, 200 years of experience.

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With the exception of the year that they started providing life insurance and the year that they were purchased by Protective Life, West Coast’s website does little to let you know about the type of company this is. If you like to know about the company you are going to purchase life insurance from then this can be a bit frustrating.

West Coast Life Insurance Review of Company Website

West Coast does offer you a little insight to the basic tenants of their practice. Basically, they want to focus on quality of service that they provide to their customers as well as educate their customers so that they can make good choices about their investments.

The problem is, their website doesn’t express their basic tenants. If you are well versed in the different type of insurance options available, you will find that the West Coast web site has a lot to offer. They offer comprehensive descriptions of their products and what they mean for their customers.

The problem is that, if you aren’t well versed on the ins and outs of life insurance terms and options, you may find that their information is very hard to use. They use professional terms and expect you to understand what the different types of insurance are when you look at their policy types. You may find yourself checking Wikipedia from time to time to learn about different product types.

Another issue with the website is that each of the link buttons and side bar fonts are very tiny. For someone who struggles with reading online already, start looking for the zoom control! You will also find that when you want to look at product description, you are actually redirected to a new page where a large PDF file opens. If you have an older computer, this will slow you down.

While the quality of their website doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the services you will receive, if you need to use their website for contacts, paying your premiums and so on, this can be a bit frustrating.

West Coast Life Insurance Review of Products

West Coast Life Insurance Company offers many of the same products that you will find at a majority of life insurance companies. They do offer more flexible options within their products.

For example, you can purchase term life insurance, but you can purchase a flexible plan that allows you to change the payments to your beneficiary and annuity. Basically your beneficiary receives the benefit in weekly or monthly payments so that it acts as income. The money is still tax-free, it just allows your loved ones to manage money and not stress about day-to-day bills.

They also offer term insurance plans that start at 10 years and go to 30 years in increments of 5 years (10, 15, 20 etc.).

With their whole life insurance and universal life insurance policies, they offer flexible premiums, allow for the increase or decrease of benefits based on your current needs and offer flexible benefit payouts for your beneficiaries.

West Coast Life Insurance Review of Company’s Financial Outlook

The financial outlook for West Coast Life Insurance Company is excellent. They have a superior rating from A.M. Best of A+, a very strong rating from Standard and Poor’s of AA, and a Fitch score of good A2. Each of these ratings represents high scores from the insurance industries standards in terms of ratings.

The future outlook for West Coast is considered very good as well. This means that you can invest your money with confidence. Of course, no one can read into the future so, as they say, don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

What this really means is that purchasing insurance policies from several life insurance companies ensures that your have a better chance of not losing your investment. This also applies to annuities, which West Coast offers as well.

West Coast Life Insurance Review: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that West Coast offers a nice variety of products and has an excellent financial safety record. This is a company that should do well for you no matter what type of services that you need, their website not withstanding.

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