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Saving for College: 529 vs. Life Insurance

A 529 Plan is a savings plan for college sponsored by the states and educational institutions in America. The plan is named after Section 529 of the IRS code, and it allows individuals to set aside funds for the future education of a named beneficiary. The 529 plan is set up to work through participating […]

Can I get a life insurance policy on my grandmother?

If you have an insurable interest in your grandmother, you may be able to get a life insurance policy on her. An insurable interest means that you are dependent on her financially. In other words, if she were to die, it would cause the beneficiary of the policy financial hardship. If you are living with […]

Attending Physician Statement for Life Insurance Policies

An attending physician’s statemtent is a request sent by an insurance company for more detailed medical information about an applicant who is applying for insurance. The request can come from either life or a health insurance company, but we will deal with the life insurance aspect here. Medical science is very detailed, and sometimes the […]

Can I buy life insurance on my dog?

Dog life insurance is not the same as life insurance that a human would carry. Human life insurance is typically purchased to replace the primary earners income in case of early death. Most dogs do not earn an income, so the insurance would be almost like property insurance. You would be insuring the replacement value […]

Can child support take my life insurance money?

If you owe back child support there are several remedies that can be used against you for the purposes of collecting the money. If an ex-spouse sues you for back child support, the most common method of collection is to garnish your wages. Under normal circumstances, if you are current on your child support payments […]

Can I get life insurance when pregnant?

It is possible to get life insurance when you are pregnant, but it would be wise to think about applying before conceiving or at least during your first trimester. Being pregnant is not a stopper necessarily from obtaining life insurance. It is just that pregnancy can make some pretty drastic changes to your body that […]

Can a life insurance policy be used as collateral for a loan?

Typically, a life insurance policy can be pledged as collateral for a loan. You must be the owner of the life policy. You can use cash value life insurance and sometimes even term insurance as collateral for a loan. Check with your insurance carrier to make sure they allow collateral assignment of the policy. You […]

Can I get a life insurance policy with high blood pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension as the condition is known in medical circles, will not usually stop a person from being covered with life insurance. There are many factors that go into life insurance underwriting which is the process of qualifying a person for coverage based on several factors. It depends on how long a […]

Can you cancel your life insurance?

A life insurance contract is a one-way contract, or unilateral, meaning that only one party may cancel it. The policy owner has the legal right to cancel the policy at any time, but the life insurance company is bound to the terms of the contract once it is issued. The only stipulation is that the […]

Can I get life insurance if I’ve had a heart attack?

Will a Life Insurance Company Cover Me if I Have Had a Heart Attack? It is more probably than most people think that they can get life insurance coverage if they have some manner of heart attack, by-pass surgery, or stents placed in their arteries surgically. Insurance company underwriters no have access to much more […]